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HLDS= ok SRCDS = issues IM GOING CRAZY !! (lols)
When i run a css server with the steam gui based 'HLDS' proggie i have no issues .. (other than the lack of config options)

BUT when i run a SRCDS server i have mad issues! regualr users suddenly are unable to connect, all suddenly have high choke rates, and sometimes 'freeze'.. and experiance laggyness(even thou thier ping is low)

I have tried :
- disabling all plugins (no difference)
- switching betwwen 33/66 tick (no difference)
- setting srcds as 'high' priority (no differance)
- running srcds with or without the -ip option (no difference)
- making sure that my cpu is not throttling low


i have no idea what the issue was; so i finally foramtted the server - all is working perfect.

Thanks all

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