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Another dumb question!
I want to write my own text in the server description (i mean the text when you have joined a server and the text in at the first image pops up)

Any hep ? xD
Add me on steam "jefsin" if you need help to get your server online! Smile

Realchamp is like an updated file,
everytime my server is f*cked,
he always got new methods to put it together!

Quote:Hazz Wrote:
Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else

Yes, it's called motd, thats the file you also will have to edit.

It's located in: cstrike - just search abit around on these forums(or Google) - then you will find the key too make it costumized for you.
And how can I add a photo to it?
Just search abit around, you will need a real domain for hosting it.
you can make an account at upload files to that site. then you can link tem with this code

<img src="your image url here."/>

if you know a little html it would help
[Image: 461031727.png]


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