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100 Tick Server Howto
I've looked everywhere for a friggin' tutorial on 100 tick servers. I know to set -tick 100 ... but when I do, it gets extremly laggy. Like it takes 5 seconds to switch a weapon. What are the rates that I need to use? I am renting a dedicated server so my connection should be fine.

Maybe some of you with 100 tick servers could post your server.cfg's or something. Help!

(this is for CS:S btw)
Start up command switch is "-tickrate 100"

Keep in mind that the hardware on your server must be pretty good in order to use 100.
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Okay sorry for the spelling mistake "-tickrate 100"

I'm sure my dedicated system is fine. Please tell me why the tick rate is so laggy? I'm using the default rates that came with srcds. Please help.
I don't know if there is much of anything that anyone can do here to help you with the limited information that you've provided us. So far, two things are clear. You use tickrate 100, and you run cs source. Please provide more information on your system.

Whats you server specs? CPU; RAM; bandwidth; OS, if linux kernel, glibc, etc. (see cryoteks sig); other applications running on your box; etc.

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K, I am wanting the same info. I just need to know var's that i should be putting in my server.cfg for a 100 tic server.

I am using and im only getting in/out on netgraph3 of like 60-70, with a few loss/choke here and there.

Here are my variables,
sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 9999
decalfrequency 80
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 20
fps_max 600

Are these correct for a 100tic server?

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