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Update.bat not working for tf2 server|Help
Ok as per instructions from loads of different sites and the tutorial on here, to make my tf2 dedicated server(very useful btw, but i cant seem to cope, and my old css server never got this problem)

downloaded the hldsupdatetool
made the .bat file

---- my update.bat at the moment (ive tried variations from different explanations) is:

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game tf -dir C:\HLserver

(may be wrong but like ive said i cant remeber what is started at)

now heres the snag, on running the update.bat i made it says

failed to connect to any GeneralDirectoryServer, WinSock error 10061 "connection refused"

Now my port fowarding is all done and ive looked on websites that list this with no explantions apart from "now it fixed itself" which is no use to me and "reinstall steam" which hasn't helped either.

Thanks in advance whether i get it working or not, its just ive looked all over the place for an answer and this looks like my best bet.

Cheers, Rich

EDIT: Just thought i'd add the contents of the folder, its HLDSUpdateTool.exe|Install.log|Unwise.exe|readme|update.bat|ClientRegistry.blob

ps. Sorry if its in the wrong place Mr./Mrs. Admins...
You get the error right away?
Or does it stop the download?
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Mooga Wrote:You get the error right away?
Or does it stop the download?

Yh as soon as i click, and then it closes, i have to run it manually in cmd cause it opens and closes so quick. -retry pause appears to have stopped working but that doesnt matter.
appears to be working now, guessing it was my error as instead of a \ there was a |. It has now downloaded fine. Thanks for taking interest, but this can now be closed.

Thanks, Rich.

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