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Missin Shutdown
Just recvently installed RPG mod to my server. was wrokin fine fopr like 15 minute then all sudden my server chrashes and i get this error on console sayin

Missin Shutdown and a whole bunch of other stuff
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You will need you patch your current version of CSS:RPG.

Here's the link:

Find the cssrpg.dll download link, and then just replace it with the current file.
thnk you. ok so its stable now but when i try to put in commands for rpg it tells me unable to connect to remote server. have any idea what went wrong or should i just go to the rpg forums for this one? ty again
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Connect to remote server? Can you define that better?
in game consoel i type

rcon_password ******
rcon rpg_setcredits "player" "credits" ( no " " )

then i get error

"Unable to connect to remote server ("
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Is it a home made server, or did you lend it?

If it's a home made server, you will proberly have to portforward 27015UDP(or TPC) for RCon.
its a dedicated server and i fou nd the problem. since it has a dynamic IP i have to use

ma_rcon rpg_setcredits "player" "amount" ( no " " )
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Ohh, okay Toungue

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