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Is my server ok?
I have just set up my server.Look at the screenshot.Is it everything ok or there is any mistake or errors?
[Image: ivhk7m.jpg]
It looks fine, those errors can be ignored!
Yes everything is ok.. I think that you should increase your FPS saw that it is only at 64!

In your Server.cfg enter fps_max "600"
And the same in your startup command line + fps_max 600.
Then, run srcdsfpsboos in the background. I have added a link where you can download it if you want it. This makes so that you can run 512 of fps .. This is instead of running the media player in the background as apparently some do.

----->>> Download srcdsfpsboost
If I had the command ''fps_max 600' I need srcdsfpsboos too??
You need something running. srcdsfpsboost or WMP works.
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