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Are people hacking into my server?
I seem to be getting "phantom people" playing my HL2DM server. For example, there will be three people playing in the game, but there seems to be a fourth person chatting. That name doesn't appear in the player list when I hit tab, and just chats and harrasses everyone. I tried to kick the player, but I just get a messege saying player doesn't exist.

This has happened twice already, and I don't know what's going on.
Maybe its a "whitespace name". I remember it was a trend to use an empty name at Instant Messengers like MSN a few years ago. To get a whtiespace name, you can type name [ALT+0160] (Press alt, then the number sequence).

Annoying, not sure if that's your problem but you can kick people by ID. Type status and you'll see if there is a person "without" name. The command kick the numeric #id of that person would do for this.
Thanks for the response, however I can see the person's name clearly. It appears in the chat box, but not in the tab-stats, OR when I type "status" on the server itself.

The only thing I think it could be is people who have changed their player name, and the server didn't update to the correct name. Example: Joe changes his name to Bob, but the server doesn't tell me. I get killed by "Joe", and "Bob" chats "pwned!!!" I hit tab and see no Bob anywhere, just Joe and me.

Is there something wrong with the settings on my server?


Are you fully patched to the latest version of the server? There was a bug in a recent patch (think about a month ago) which made the Tab display show different people/bots than were in the game. Going to console and typing "status" showed the REAL people in the game. This was fixed however in more recent patches.

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