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srcds issues, probably router related
alright, so, i got my server to work without the router, just plugged straight into the modem. then when i hooked up the router, and port forwarded, something weird happened. i turned on the server, none of my friends could see it, and it said the ip was my lan ip, but then someone joined, from the internet. any ideas why this might be, and how i can make it appear for everyone?
#2 go there and give them that ip and the port the server runs on
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Your server will show your local IP because the server only has that IP address. The external IP belongs to the router. When a packet to set to the external IP via on a set port, it is forwarded to your local server.
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Doesn't seem to work man, it's not going through just by giving out the external IP
launch line and a screen shot of your port forwarding setup please

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