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ENGINE ERROR when trying to run srcds.exe SCREENSHOT
this is what happens when i try to run shortcut srcds.exe

windows 98, with 192RAM...
[Image: 34d57b5e.bmp]
What command are you using to execute your server?

i.e. C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp -autoupdate -maxplayers 6 +map dm_lockdown
i got that error, or it might have been TCP port, but it was when the port was in use already, try -port 27025 on the command line, i thought srcds pushed the port up 1 if it was in use though
NO GUYS. If you will get that error sow dont write your INTERNET IP addresse write your another IP addresse e.g. my is Sow command line will be like this---> ....... -console -game cstrike +ip "That IP which I tolud you" -port 27015 - +maxplayer 6 (because of your RAM) +map de_dust2 -tickrate 100
P.S It helps to me=)
Yea, I would get the error when I would define the ip in the execute line. I just leave it blank now. Its not needed (as far as I know) unless you are running servers on different ip's instead of ports.

Now, if you havent defined the ip in the execute, then I have no idea why you would be getting that error.
S..T I forgot password of my -=KiLLeR=- name sow I gonna use that 1.
Sow cody604 do like I sad and you will not get that error.

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