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Which OS?
I have a box for running CSS servers at Lans and I want to know which OS i should use, I want a windows OS because i dont know how to use linux very well, i did have fedora 3 and just got annoyed with it, atm i have a 180 day evaluation of windows server 2003 but when it runs out im going to have to format, does anyone have any suggestions of a good windows OS that i could use for servers? as i dont have a few £100 to be spending on win server.

I have XP Home but that wouldnt be very good for a server? I also have 98, would that be any better?

IMHO, you should just try and learn the linux. It's not as hard as it looks and there is tons of support around

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inc0gs Wrote:IMHO, you should just try and learn the linux. It's not as hard as it looks and there is tons of support around

sorry if you can not answer a question then why bothering replying....


you can run a perfectly tuned dedicated server for on your windows XP.
xp can handle the job without any problems...

if you install a clean windows xp and install the dedicated server onto it you can have a great server.

just set it on -tickrate 66 and use windows media player for example to boost your server more..

I run my cs source server on a windows 2003 server which is also boosted on 66 and i have 20 players with 10-25 ms onboard...

I do not understand why this linux boys always try to poop on other systems. really starting to nerve me.

in this case linux fan boys are outnumbered by the performance a windows 2003 has for steam as linux does.

just do not install other software on your pc.
keep it clean and it will run your server fine.
I agree with the above post. The Windows version performs very well compared to Linux. The overhead of the Windows GUI is really compensated by the optimalisations for Windows in srcds/hlds. The WMP FPS trick was a myth afaik btw, it appears the FPS will get higher but it does not affect the global performance. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Also take a look at the guides to optimize Windows 2k/XP/2k3.
Thanks for your replies, I will load XP onto it later, Im not going to keep 2k3 because there is no point, i would lose everything in a few months anyway when the evaluation ends

Also is there any benefit in running the servers as services using firedeamon other than there is no window?

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