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Left 4 Dead Dedicated HELP
Hey everyone,

I'm new to this Dedicated Server Configuring stuff, so i dont really understand it.

1) I start L4D Dedicated Server, which came free.
2) When i try to join my server, no one else can join...
3) When someone else is in my server and i try to join, i cant get in...

Questions i have:
1) What does to PORT do? EX 27015
2) Does it matter what PORT i put in?
3) Does anyone have any solutions for PROBLEMS 2 and 3 Above?

Im a noob
Hello Ij10, okay have you made a configuration file for the server yet? it is stored in your srcds/left4dead/left4dead/cfg folder. if not you'll want to look at some of the examples posted by the support team. you can also look at this site ---
there is a cvar which determines if the server is available, public/private, it should be placed in the command line of your startup.exe shortcut for the server.
sv_lan 0 will make the server public the steam master servers will allocate it as a dedicated server. the second sv_lan 1 will make the server private a player client can only join from the server browser. type the ~ tilde key and open your dev console from the splash screen and type openserverbrowser to view the master server list. okay the port question
in example- the 27015 is the default port that srcds will use to listen for client requests and from which the server will transmit it data. the port 27005 is the default that l4d uses to communicate with the server. at a suggestion you may want to open your firewall program and make sure that srcds is allocated port 27015, and l4d has 27005. if your not sure which ones are there you can delete the port in the firewall. start you srcds again which will flag you that srcds is requesting access. it will automatically assssign 27015 when you run l4d it will auto assign 27005. good luck
Thanks for your reply, ill have to try that out Smile
when the host of a lobby connects to a server they force everyone who joins the lobby to connect using the ip that they used to connect. if you try to join your server over the lan you will be sent to the lobby which will send you the ip the lobby host is using to connect to the server which is probably your external ip.

If you join the server first you become the lobby host who tries to force any external players to join using the ip you are using (your internal one).

I haven't found a solution to this yet.
somebody told me to do this and it works for me. This would be the solution to problem 3.

richard.eid Wrote:I solved this problem for myself with a strange workaround. Since your server will be seen as a LAN server by Left 4 Dead, you can find it on the LAN tab of the server browser. There are two ways to gain access to the server browser. Add -serverbrowser to the launch options for Left 4 Dead or type openserverbrowser in the console. In this case, what I need you to do is to bind a key to openserverbrowser. Since F4 is unused by default, bind it to that key by typing the following into the console:


bind "F4" "openserverbrowser"

Alternately, you could add this to your config.

Now fire up Left 4 Dead and press F4. Select the LAN tab. Once there, double-click on your server(when there are people in it) and Left 4 Dead should proceed to connect, but will halt as you've described. While in this loading screen, press F4 again to open the server browser and double-click your server once more. Left 4 Dead should continue loading you into your server now.

If not, I guess I'll have to think about this more, but it's what solved it for me. Good Luck!

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