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Hello I need help with mani dmin plugin.
Hello everyone, i need sme help with my server. i got this dedicated server on my laptop. i had open the portforwars and that butthe plugins doesnt work. the plugin is the Mani Admin Plugin.

Its like When ever i reinstall and install it it hasthe same error, and i have tried to get another versions of the mani admin plugin. No one works. This is what the error tells me : "Instuktionen by "0x0c1a9373" House memory at "0x00000010". The memory could not be "read"

Click on OK to terminate the program"

Thats what it are saying. and i need some help, If somebody out there could help me that would be great Wink

ps. i am makeing Pictures as u see the pic. I can make u a logo some sound anything just say it i will help you too Smile Im a Dj Makeing Music and Pictures. Search my video's on Youtube Search this " Dj paxo " Without the quotes ...


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u said ur runnun the server on a laptop? how much memory does ur laptop have? maybe you dot have sufficient memory to run on a laptop, and even if u did. idk if running the servers on the laptop are recommended. another thing thats sound like a memory only problem. and not neccesarily with mani_admin
[Image: 461031727.png]

Also what os are you running? Windows? Linux? and which version?

Also please post:

CPU (Name, and Speed)
Memory aka RAM (Amount, Speed)

All so are you running any mods on the server?

Please post the correct information so we can help you correctly

If you need help finding the information about your laptop, Google and download CPUZ (its free)
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