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Maybe i'm missing something but I want to start a secure server, the ones with the shield sign when you search for servers (most CS-scource servers are secure) but I can't find the way to do it, I've been surfing for weeks now but still no luck, what am I missing, everything else works.
You have to wait for VAC2 it is still in beta and hasn't been released yet.

Please refer to this thread:
thanks for the reply!
sv_secure 1

when you changelevel you get a msg about the server using VAC under the loading bar
thanks android, but I can't get it to work, tried it in every possible way, in server.cfg autoexec.cfg, in the console of the server, in the startup, but still no luck, where do you execute the command?
when i did it i was ingame and just did it with rcon, then changed the map and it was there
Wel Android,
It didn't work for me that way but you helped me to find it because a google on your command sv_secure gave it away, in the startupline of your server add -vacbeta before the sv_secure command and presto, you're secure but it's only betatesting as far as i've learned from the forums.
Thanks for your time Macleod and Android!!
grtz. P.
nps, it must have changed in the latest update then.

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