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64bit stable fps impossible?
Hello everyone, i have been beating my head against the wall for days trying to get any kind of stable fps from srcds and TF2. Starting with debian lenny, 2.6.26-1-amd64 kernel and trying every kind of variation possible with an rt patched

tickless, preemption 1000hz
tickless no preemption 1000hz
acpi/no acpi
user_hz 1500
and every variation in between that i couldnt possibly remember anymore

Running on a Q6600. At this point i could care less about achiving 1000fps, every kernel i have tested starts at 990fps but is never stable under load. I am testing by starting 6 instances of srcds running the tr_airshot_v0 map with 19 bots each (tf2 bots dont have AI so theyre just being flung through the air and die on impact)

It makes no difference if i set all of the servers to 500fps, 1000fps whatever. 500 dips as low as 200fps, while constantly switching between the 4 and 500's in netgraph. The 9 in 900 is constantly flickering and if i hammer rcon enough it drops into the 500's or lower on occasion. From what i can tell everyone seems to be after just getting 1 instance of srcds to post 900+ fps? That seems like some kind of sick joke now because stock kernels do that, but its a meaningless number when it dips so low as soon as more servers are started. I guess what i'm asking is anyone else (that is willing to actually help, not just post screenshots saying they have stable fps) able to run MULTIPLE instances of srcds on a box and achieve stable fps? Is 64bit causing this problem? Thanks for any insight.
Set affinity and try again. Sounds like to many instances per core and your pinning your cpu if its a degradation over time.
yea ive never seen 64bit have very stable high-fps

also what is your cpu load like with all those servers and bots?
my tutorial explains how to run srcds with stable fps on 64 bits... it might not work on all systems (e.g. depending on cpu and chipset but also on the linux distribution), but I have successfully tested it in many environments: (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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