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how to elevate srds priority in windows
Hello all, I had been looking for a way to tell windows that the dedicated server should run at an elevated priority. windows assigns thread priorities to its process'es, " IDLE 0, BELOW NORMAL 6,NORMAL 8,ABOVE NORMAL 10, HIGH 13 AND REALTIME 24"
when srcds starts windows assigns it as a normal priority. this is a problem because there may be other applications which may have priority above the server. what I found is that you can create a "batch file" this is a file that has the .bat designation as the file type. it is very easily created by opening a new text file, enter
"start /high path srcds.exe
in example I have created a .txt file which is telling windows to start my l4d server shortcut at high priority
"start /high E:\l4d\srcds.exe shortcut" once you have created the text file save it as "whatevername.txt" then right click it scroll to rename and enter the new designation "whatevername.bat"
you can check that the server is running at the new high priority by opening windows task manager "cntrl,alt,del" find the server process in the list right click the process and scroll to set priority. it should have the high designation already assigned.

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