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Not moving while in noclip mode?
When I go into either the built in noclip mode (sv_cheats 1 and noclip in console), mani admin noclip, or free look spectator mode, I cannot move. When I, or anyone else on the server, presses their movement keys in those modes they go nowhere as if they were frozen.

sv_noclipspeed and sv_specspeed are both above zero as with the accelerates.

Anyone know of the issue? This began happening sometime after I had installed Mani Admin Plugin (not when I installed, some time after, no other mods had been installed)
Has a server update occured?
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
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It is on auto-update and is a rented server, so I have no idea
Get rid of mani and then try no clip and see if it works
If you have estools in installed, do this command

est_hook_cheatish 0

i had the same problem i fixed it by making sv_maxspeed 1000
i had it on 10000

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