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Possible script
I was wondering if anyone has successfully made a script that would up date the server then start the server. I have a script that restarts the server at 6:00 AM every morning. But I would like to have the script run the hlupdatetool then start the server after wards. That way I don't have to wonder when the next Left4Dead server update is. The server would be updated and I wouldn't have to log into the box and manually update the server. The command switch -autoupdate doesn't work for some reason.

I use serverdoc for server crashes if that helps.
Check this topic, I've made a possible solution for Windows:
(Just replace the lines with your own install patch and commands).

This should work, just check my post #2.

Hope it will work, good luck!

btw. The -autoupdate doesn't work for Windows, I don't know why, proberly VALVe who hasn't updated it.

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