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Release: Log merging tool & status display for websites
Hey everyone.

I'd just like to announce the release of 2 things I made for my CS:S server.

First is a logfile merging tool written in C, that nicely merges all the logs into monthly files.

Second is a Perl-script that you can embed into your website to display the server status and player details.

Both of them are of course in use by me, I made them as I found nothing similar on the web (for the server status, at least nothing written in Perl which is my favourite language for web stuff)

For detailed description of the tools go to

I hope these are of some use to you guys Smile

I'm also working on a srcds logfile analyzer that will create a HTML statistics report, focussing on the things that normal stats&ranks systems do not cover, such as player stay time graphs, player count vs hour/day/month/... (similar to what offers in the history tab) how long what map was played, GEO-IP mapping on the player IP's, sounds played with Mani-admin, maybe even an analysis on the chat messages, frequency of certain words,... and whatever else I can come up with. It will be similar to all those webserver log analyzers out there, only for game servers Wink
sounds promising. . . good work and thanks!
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
thanks alot, been looking for a log merger for some time now, and I'm just to busy to make one :-D
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Nice, might check out the Perl query script. Smile
Clan of Doom:

Works like a charm - thank you so much for this!

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