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No one can connect to my server
Alright... i built a server at my neighbors house and we tested to see if anyone could connect with low ping and it worked.. then we moved it over my house and port forwarded all the correct ports, set up the static ip and what not.. then i went back over to my neighbors house and connected to it. Then i told my friends to join it but they said it wasnt responding when im physically in the server connected to it useing the external Ip.

anyone got any ideas?

this happened to me, i just waited then it fixed, or i don't know what i did...
Welp... certin people can connect but one of my buddys said that its a map download problem but i have both allowupload and allowdownload set to 1 anyone have any ideas?
Never mind guys i fixed the problem... i had to portforward 27016 also (client port i come to find out)
See, It's always user error in the end, every one blames the computer, lol. Glad it worked out
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