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HLDS running 1000 fps but users claim its "choppy"
I don't know where i went wrong, I don't know if its rates, the server config or what, please leave me any information you might know.

I'm assuming they are having problems with recoil or something.
Do you use pingboost 2 to run the server? it might be the problem, it gives you lower pings but the server gets chuppy. My server runs 1000 fps, 18 ms ping and 0% cpu usage. I have the same problem. If i dont use pingboost my server dont get choppy but my ping gets higher :/
it question is not if it reaches 1000 fps but if it holds them stable. make a measurement with the fps meter to see this (see my signature). I also have written a howto to optimize the system for stable 1000 fps linked in my signature. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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