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Upgrade kernel
Hey Guys,

I was seeing if anyone had a good tut or link to show how to upgrade the kernel from 2.4 to 2.6 in CentOS 3.3?

hehe... good question. I just tried to do that and had to reload my OS.

I tried these links... I almost got it to work, but ran into some problems.

You may wish to look at this:

Be warned that I'm having problems with skipping lag under CentOS 4.0

Here is my "call for help" on another site:
Or just go and download the linux verison that has that updated kernel. I mean, its linux, it free, go download it !
You can probably upgrade the kernel the same way that would normally be done.

1. get the lastest stable kernel source.
2. unpack the source to /usr/src
3. cd /usr/src and create a symlink to the source
ln -sf linux-<replace with latest kernel version here> linux
4. run make menuconfig weed out the devices you don't have, and add devices you do have.
5. make sure your /boot partition is mounted if its on a separate partition, and run make && make modules_install install
6. edit your grub.conf or lilo.conf
(remember to keep a backup of your kernel)
7. reboot and select new kernel.
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