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Is this illegal?
Hey, i made a srcds server, and someone i met on the net asked after it, i asked if he wanted to make a community, then he said yes..
i send the server to him on msn. then i joined the server.. he slapped me.. so i banned him 1 minute, then he permbans me.. and says thats its his server..

Is this illegal
You can't send a server...
Can you explain further?
Where is the physical server hosted? Who's paying for it (if anyone)?
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Welcome to the internet.

Never just send someone random something important to you.

I'm guessing you have it hosted by a GSP, if so you should be able to get new login stuff from them.
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that is werid
yea, its called the "internet". again never give out info to a stranger. . .
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I would tell your GSP to end your service
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Toungue yeye, i told them to shut it of or i would get their ip banned Smile it worked itself outSmile nvm.

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