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server wont connect to internet
hi guys, now i know that you have had quite a few posts about this subject, and i have gone through them, and i have gone through countless others and yet my server still does not connect to the server list on counter-strike source.

i downloaded srcds from you and ran everything like you said and i can connect to the server myself but no one else can and it appears on the LAN list.

i have DMZ my computer and have tried turning off my firewall as suggested by numerous forums. i am in a wireless network using a tp-link that connect ot my modem which is a d-link dsl g604t v2. i am using ports27015 although this doesnt seem to matter seeing as i have DMZed my computer.

i really hope someone can help me cause im close to ripping out my hair in frustration.
thanks, sincerely Russell

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