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custom sounds not working
ok so i have quake sounds, gungame sounds and knifep3n sounds
now i have it set to auto download through mani and its set to download quake sounds but they dont play

it downloads them but when its used by the server my client console says that its not there

im using sv_downloadurl and it works completely fine for map downloads but just not the sounds.

also the sounds on the sv_downloadurl site are all bzipped as are the maps.

the file structure is done correctly and it still doesnt work for some reason.

and if i join my server and it downloads say the quake sounds, which dont play, but then i got to another server that uses them it doesnt redownload them or anything and they work

and they also play if i brose in explorer and play them, but it just wont play them on my server.

ip is

any help would be much appreciated
Do you have... on?

sv_consistency 1
sv_pure 2
sv_consistency 1
sv_pure 1

its weird because they download and work fine in media player and on other servers using the same sounds but they just dont work on mine.

they only work if i turn off sv_downloadurl so it download from the server
put both cmds at zero and see if it works
thanks mate, works now.
after you mentioned that i though of ocurse, i probably havent got it allowing sounds form disk in the whitelist file so i checked and it was only allowing steam, change to allow from disk and works now. thanks

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