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custom maps: increased cpu usage?
I am very new to srcds and i am going to be administering a dedicated server soon with multiple srcds instances running on it. A friend of mine told me that allowing custom map files and hlstats will dramatically increase the cpu usage of srcds, especially with Team Fortress 2, obviously limiting the amount of servers i will be able to run. Is there any truth to this, and if so is there anywhere i can read further into this? Thanks for any help.
Custom maps can be as "effective" as normal maps. It's up to mappers to make optimizations so that the maps work smooth. Usually mappers are not skilled enough to pay attention to server and client optimizations in their maps. That's why custom maps are more likely to be more CPU intensive than stock maps.

HLStats will obviously take some of the CPU resources because it has to process the statistics. In most cases it's not problem because practically every server runs either HLSstats or Psychostats and they run smooth.

If you want to monitor how much CPU is used, you can follow instructions at Server statistics (CPU, FPS, Traffic, Players, Uptime) with Munin (for Linux only) and collect some statistics.

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