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How many slots will this hold?
So, I'm gonna own a lovely dedicated server (specs below) and I am interested approximately how many 100 TickRate CS:S Slots would it hold while still working normally. And another one: how many 66 TickRate CS:S Slots would it hold? And another one: if I boost all these servers to 500FPS for how many slots would it decrease and how many for 1000FPS boosted. Thanks!

Dedicated Intel QuadCore
2U Rackmount Chassis, best cooling, 400W EPS Zippy
Intel Core2Quad Quadcore Q6600, 4 cores each
2,4 Ghz, 2x 4MB Cache
Intel DQ965GF Mainboard, VGA and Gigabitlan onboard
3x 2048 MB DDR2 Ram, PC667, Kingston
250 GB HDD, Maxtor, 7200 RPM, SATA2, 16 MB
1000 GB Traffic

Love you all, I expect an answer ASAP <3
1000GB of traffic would worry me.

I have a similar setup, but with 2000gb, we've easily surpassed 1000gb numerous times w/o the server being 3/4 loaded. (around 80 people a day i think on tf2, css and insurgency)

I wouldn't think boosting the fps would change the burden that much.
Are these public or private servers or a mix?

I think that would help answer the bandwidth question etc
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mixed, most are private 12 slot ... thx for your help goerge

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