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Gmod Server Crashed (not normally)

we have an gmod ttt Server with that start-script:

@echo off
echo Max bleibt einfach Faul
title Server
start /wait srcds.exe -console -debug -condebug -tickrate 66 -norestart  -game garrysmod +gamemode terrortown +map ttt_waterworld +maxplayers 16 -exec server.cfg +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 +host_workshop_collection 1977048771 -authkey C08F96FE26D91787F61D80007A3A0149 +fps_max 500  
echo (%time%) Your server just closed or crashed. RESTARTING!
goto srcds


Server "crashed" like lost his internet. If we go in the console on our windows server an press ctrl +c server immediatly runs normal.

No crashes or something logged..

Somone can help?

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