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I am at a loss at why my friends can't connect to me over the internet.

I am running a dedicated server (specifically for Synergy (A Half Life 2 Mod)) but my server IP comes up as and no one can connect to it besides me. I am pretty new to DS's but I am pretty sure that my computer IP shouldn't be my server IP.

I have no clue if I am forwarding ports correctly or how to make the ip like any other ip over the internet server list. Does anyone know how to fix this?
I believe you need a static ip to use a home computer as a public server. Contact your ISP about one. 192.168, is your home network ip.
192.168 is your internal IP address. It simply allows you to communicate with your router, it's been assigned to your system by your router.

You need to get your external IP address, obtaining it is simple you can just go to

That's your external IP address, this simply gets to your router. You will need to enable port forwarding in your router, this allows your router to send traffic to the correct system. For instance for CSS you need say 27015 to be open, you would tell the router that if traffic comes in on that port to forward it to your system/server.

Hope this helps.
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