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I want some funny skins!
Hi, i want to add some cool skins, (female) or homer simpsons or something, can i get a link to a site with a PACK with both teams ? EASY to install, yea.. all a noob needs...
Please Answer fastWink !!

Your own Steam folder, you've the skins in there.
how do i add them? can i download skin packs for "me" and add on server ? or i have to use som spessial server skins?
its for server..
When you join a server with skins on, then you will get the skins on you own computer, just upload them to your server, then it should work!
i dont have to add them in server.cfg? Like launch skins ? (A) Big Grin
cant i download them? from like skins at fps banana?!:O

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