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[L4D] Vs Mode Rules
I made a thread about this on SPUF (not the server section) but meh.

A local ISP runs a bunch of servers. They sware they all run standard settings. However many of their vs mode rules are different from pretty much every other server out there, including local listen servers I create.

Notable differences include:
  • Melee penalty. It gets progressivly slower after the first 6-7 swings
  • Smoker tounge takes 10-15(?) seconds to recharge even for a miss
  • Spawn radius for player infected is increased to 40-50 metres
  • Maxium on 3 player infected can be spawned at any one time

I thought maybe valve had made some changes to the dedicated server, so I downloaded that. My local dedicated server gives me a game with:
  • No melee penalty
  • Smoker tounge recharge of 3 seconds for a miss
  • Maxium spawn radius of about 10 metres

BUT I also reliably get a tank (or a witch) spawn in the first map of no mercy, which I've never seen before.

So I have two questions, which are the correct rules for versus, and what do I need to do to my local srcds server to make it work.

Atm my server setup is very basic:
server.cfg Wrote:echo test!

// steam group that has access to the server
sv_steamgroup 113986

// only for members of certain steam group
sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1

mapcycle.txt Wrote:l4d_vs_farm01_hilltop

I realise the is more I should do to make it a reliable public server, but is there anything else I need to do to tell the game "hey, i want a standard round to vs mode plz" keeping in mind that I want the server as defualt as possible, since thats kinda the whole point of the test.
Never mind, I figured it out.

Specifying sv_cheats 0 in your config file causes a bunch of other variables to change. If you leave out that line in your config, sv_cheats still gets set to 0 but you end up with a whole different set of defaults for things like melee cooldown, spawn radius etc.

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