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I have a question that may have been asked already. But no searches have found anything. I currently am running a Server from home with a 20/5 connection. The server I have is as follows.

P4 2.4a
1GB Ram
Gigabit Nic

I am trying to run 2 4 player COOP L4D servers and it lags really bad. Is it the fact that the Server is low in spec running to 4 man servers set to Hard with all the bots? Or is the connection just not good enough?

Also, I am running WinXP Pro (Don't know why I loaded it), If I run Win2003 instead will it run better with the mentioned low specs? I do have some hardware to make it faster. But this one is setup and working. But if changing the OS (Son used his Student Discount on Win2003) would make it better, then I will take the time to do it.
If you really have an upload speed of 5mbit, you should be fine running a server.

The hardware can handle it.
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Who's your ISP?
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If the First L4D Server is running, I runs just fine. No lag or stuttering. The minute I fire up the second Server, both servers stutter. Everyone's Bars never go in the red. Just when a flood of zombies hit, The servers stutter and sometimes crash. I have serverdoc to restart them if needed.
Okay so I decided to just use Win2003. I upgraded the server specs.

Intel Q6600
4GB Ram
150 Veloci-Raptor Drive

My Goal is to Run 2-4 Man L4D Servers and a 16 Man CSS. Would said specs run the servers?
I have tried all different operating systems. didn't notice much difference from XP-PRO to server 2k3. did however notice better performance with Ubuntu 8.4 server (Linux). much less bloated os than win. with less unnecessary crap running you may see better performance.
I know nothing of Linux. I am willing to learn but I have no idea on how to run an FTP server. Remote Login, and it sits in a closet, So the only thing that is connected is a Power Cable and Network Cable. Does Linux require a Monitor and Mouse/Keyboard to run. When I had the house built, I have the builders put the Network Jack in there for this reason.
you will obviously need monitor and keyboard to set up server.. after it is loaded you can remote it. as far as ftp , Ubuntu forum has great tut on any thing u need to get it going. by default server version dosent have a desktop so if u like GUI you need to download it. do a little research before jumping into it but i think you will find that it is a better solution for game hosting than Windows. best part is that the os is completely free!!!!!! <-- good place to start

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