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Ok there has to be a UK supplier good enough
ok i am really trying to find a uk supplier with a broadband capable of running a couple of 16 man cs:s servers and itsa joke. i can t beleive that my 3meg connection is only good for 6man server its pathetic is there no way to run a 16man comfortably at-all?
as some companys want a couple of hundered a month just so i can run my own server thats bad! so thinking caps on every1 please, does any1 either know of a uk company OR a way to run even just a 16man server from a 3meg NTL connection ( i think upload is 300k)
I'm in the same position, sniper_uk. Home-based upload speeds in the UK are very poor. I think your best bet at the moment would be to rent a dedicated server or co-locate yours, if you are thinking of generating income from them.

You could try putting your server on the net at home and see how many players it will really take before the performance degrades too much.
Like i already said, you wont find any cheaper than a few hundred quid; ive checked.

You will need to colocate in a datacentre or buy a dedicated server.

I can help out with that; PM me. Gaming Servers
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i can also help you out with that one Wink

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