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I think I want to do a 64BIT os, i was planning on doing Centos5, but from these list of choices, I was wondering if anyone knew if any of these came with a 1000hz kernel?

[Image: os_choices.jpg]
ubuntu is 1000fps out of the box
CentOS is a better platform.
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for source, i dont think 1000fps makes a bit of a difference compared to anything higher than 300, but for hl1 games, reg seems to work a lot better if you can get it.

Thanks, I am familiar with centos, and I'll stick with it
Depends how new you're to linux and what you have used before. Alot of people use Ubuntu because of how good their support is on the website. The community they have there is just great.
CentOS is also like said here a great platform. It all comes down to what people are used to.
Centos5 !
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The original question was which Linux distro comes with 1000 HZ stock kernel. Only helixo answered to that. - The answer is Ubuntu.

Technical answer is that it doesn't matter which Linux distro you're running. It's always possible to turn it to the same config as Ubuntu's stock setup. I could do it on any system. That's why the original question about which distro comes with 1000 Hz (or 1000 FPS?) kernel is the key point.

To even the score with other forumers, I say this: Slackware is the best.
I had little luck with kernel compiles.

I complied the old config, then i changed the user_hz to 1000, and booted

Server FPS was indeed 999, but map changes took an eternity, and the whole server was just sluggish at loading anything.

So if i am to have a 1000hz kernel, then it's going to be from a distro that has it by default.
I'm all for simplicity, but don't go with a system just because out of the box it has it's HZ set to 1000, thus allowing for 1000 FPS. There's much more to it than just that, configuring your system to run game servers is critical, not just having one kernel parameter set.
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