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Mani Rcon Commands
Ok so I want the admins I have authed on mani to be able to Enable/Disbale gungame and knifep3n but i cant get the commands write

In the rcontxt I have added this
""Load GunGame" es_load gungame4
"Unload GunGame" es_unload gungame4
"Load Knifep3n" es_load knifep3n
"Unload Knifep3n" es_unload knifep3n"

without the surounding quotes and they're showing up in the RCON list but not executing the command which leads me to this question...what's the correct command?
Gungame and knifep3n are running through eventscripts. I even tried ma_es_load gungame4 etc but none worked. Does anyone know the command?
it should work, the only things I see wrong is that you started with two quotes and ended with one which both shouldn't be there..
That was just quoting what I was showing you. They're not actually in the txt file. But thank you. When I hit a command this is what I see on console

Unloading gungame4 ...
gungame4 was not loaded.

But I know its loaded because when server starts up I see this

 [GunGame] Loaded

Add the commands in the commandlist.txt. Something like:

"@load_gungame" R es_load gungame4

R = an RCON command to be executed (User must be admin with RCONSay authorisation)
Alright that works Smile Thanks for the help

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