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Source Server Lags When Full
I hope someone can help with this. I have setup several Source servers before and I have never had a problem like this. Our Clan has a 40 man Dedicated Source Server running on Wndows 2003. Up until a few weeks ago we were running fine with this and 4 other Dedicated Source servers on the same box. All of a sudden this server, and only this server will Jump and take 60-75% of the CPU when full. Our server is a Dual Xeon 3.06 with 2GBs Ram and a 100MBps Network card. The server is running on port 27014 and had been since the day we set it up. We have since turned off all but this server, re-downloaded a new, fresh stock Dedicated source server, put no plugins on the server (other then mani-Mod) and still only with this one server running, it is still when full taking 60-75% of the CPU and lags out.

Please can someone help?
I'd say switch to a linux os.
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thanks for the suggestion. The server has run fine on windows, and I found out it has nothing to do with the server. It has to do with Valve's shitty code and the fact that I had mani mod running. Bye bye to Mani Mod.
Sow that meen`s that I have laggs because of Mani Admin Plugin??
No Actually I found out more details, It was related to the mani AMX menu and even though it shouldnt have, it corrupted some server files that I didn't realized. It caused us to have to wipe our server clean and re-install CSS. make sure if you have Mani mod you turn off the AMX menu from 1 to 0 in the Mani_Server.cfg. Even though they rolled the update back, and the menus started working. The next update is going to shut them down again. better get used to the Esc menu's from Valve
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