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After the first mapchange, the server says it's full.
Hi @ all,
i have a big problem with my dedicatet Linux CS:S server. After problems with that last steam update, i reinstalled the whole server but my problem is still there. The first map is no problem to play, but after the first mapchange, no players can reconnect to my server. It shows only the screen where i can decide, wether i will play c or ct. After that, the server says, it's full and again this screen. And no one can play. I have to restart the whole server (mapchange is not enough). I tested it with and without admin plugin installed. Is there anybody how knows this problem an can help me?

Thanks for your help

I'm not sure whats happening to you server, might be due to some cvar values. Try pasting the contents of your config files in here (server.cfg, mani_server.cfg, etc.) not including your passwords, and I'll try to help you figure this out. Also, post your server IP so that I can get a first hand look at what you're talking about.
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Comment out the following commands in your server.cfg or bot.cfg files:

bot_add X
bot_join_after_player X

These 2 commands were broken with the last patch. They will be fixed in a patch later this week, but as of righ tnow they are still broken. Another safe way is to remove bots all together.

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i will try to run the server without bots. I let you know if it works or not.

The IP is:

Thanks for your help


Sorry for my bad english. I am from germany.
That's it... no bots and no problem :-)

Thank you very much for your help


I had the same problems as you, but moving all the bot commands from server.cfg to bot.cfg and then using

'exec bot.cfg'

after ten 'wait' commands did the trick. Everything works fine now. If you need any more info just ask.


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