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Help SRCDS mani plugin
Well im hosting tf2 now, installed metamod... BUT I CANT GET MANI ADMIN PLUGIN BECAUSE THE WEBSITE IS DONE!?!?!
Please help me, i need another link for a tf2 mani admin plugin!

I recommand you to use SourceMod or BettlesMod for Team Fortress 2.

Mani isn't good for TF2, since it's bugged and such stuff.

I know Mani's homepage is down, I don't know why.
I second that motion. Initially Sourcemod is a little harder to get setup because it has diff. mod for doing things that mani has combinded but sourcemod has so many more thing it can do and the community is constantly updated and helpful. You really need to do it.
For an easy mod, BM does all the basics and can be configured in mins...
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the mani admin website is back up now

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