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Server requirements
Hi, I hope you can provide me with some guidelines here..

I was thinking of starting a css server in my closet, and was wondering what kind of a rig I needed to buy for it. I would like to keep it as cheap as possible.

The goal is to run a server with 14 - 18 slots and 100 tickrate. The os would be ubuntu intrepid. I currently have a 768kb/s upload (I might upgrade it to 10M, and the 768 seems to be just in the limits?).

What specs (CPU and RAM) should the computer have to provide a lag-free game?

Also, is it possible to run the server from ramdisk? And how much extra ram would I need? Custom maps aren't a necessity. The ramdisk solution would be really intresting.
I'm hijacking this thread for my needs, I hope you dont mind (much) Rolleyes

I'm thinking of getting a VPS to host my games on, because I've had some really bad experience with game server providers. Because a VPS is quite a bit more expensive than a normal game server, I would have to run several servers, otherwise this is just too expensive.

Would I be able to run a 24 slot TF2 server, 8 slot L4D server and another 4 slot L4D server on a 3 ghz, 1 gig RAM machine? The bandwidth shouldn't be a problem, since its a 100mbit link.

As far as the OS goes, Debian in its most basic form (the smallest install available), ssh server, ftp server and whatever the source server needs. No databases, no web servers, no nothing... Big Grin
I think i may be answering both of your questions here. I run 2 servers on a virtualized providers box. The specs are Quad Core, 300MB ram. The ram was my biggest concern but im not running into any real issues. Anyhow the server is running
ZPS 16 Slot
TF2 24 Slots
3 WebSites

Mickname if i were you i would go with debian, ubuntu is very similar to debian. It is based on it after all.Another suggestion i have is skip ftp. Set up ssh, with public key and use a client like winscp. Works wonderfully.

The thing performs just fine, i really dont have any hang ups what so ever. We dont play full 24/7 but we have had enough nights where each server is full.

Grim if im getting your point you mean a virtualized private server? I use linode, check them out you get to choose your distro and set it up from scratch.

As to L4D im not sure i know it takes more cpu, so if you up the cpu then you should be fine. Im pretty sure L4D isn't multi core supported. However if you tie it to a specific core that should help.
Thanks for your answer. Debian is probably just fine for me, and I suppose that without virtualization I have a little more performance. I think I will buy a used workstation pc, with a ~1,5 - 2 GHz CPU and 1 gigs of ram. That shouldn't be a lot more than like 100 euros.. And most likely I have to upgrade my internet connection, but that shouldn't cost too much either.
Thanks raz0rskyl1n3.
I was talking about virtual private servers, but it turns out that the package I had my eyes on is no longer available.
I also checked linode out, but thats no good for me because the servers are in US (I need servers in Europe).

I did some research this weekend and found a company that offers two servers for the same price that I'm paying to our current provider (for only one server and with less slots). Plus their support is great, got my answers in 20 minutes, while I'm still waiting for answers from my current provider (waiting for 2 weeks now).

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