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/top15 doesn't working
i have server on cs 1.6 and when i type /top15 it show me only 1 or 2 players but my server has more players :S
and when i want to ban anybody witch amxmodmenu it show left-down then i banned him but the player who i banned is not banned i can ban player only witch amx_banip now witch amxmodmenu...
btw. when i ban somebody it kicked all admins from server :@

thanks for Reply Smile

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That's a mod problem... check out the hlstats or mani forums...
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and at my friend on his server like that and he has that problem Sad
btw.i delete statsme i like /top15 no /top10 see the picture who i have set on forum...
and why amx mod kick me when i banning anybody on my server but i banned witch amx mod menu
when i banned witch console(amx_banip NAME MINUTES) it not kicked me and i banned player succesful...
thanks for reply...

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