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Help with Dedicated Server - L4D
Hi people, Im new to these forums but have been browing for a few months.

I am trying to setup a L4D dedicated server using hldsupdatetool

I have installed l4d_full onto my Server 2003 box yet need some help:

1. My server uses Routing and Remote Access, The ports i'm using for the server are as follows

Host Port - 27016
Client Port - 27005

I have forwarded both these ports UDP and TCP on Routing and Remote Access.

This is my Server.cfg - stolen from another cfg file others use

// Network settings
hostip xx.xx.xx.xx // Host game server ip
ip // IP of the actual machine if behind a firewall
hostport 27016 // Host port for connecting from client machines.
clientport 27005 // Port advertised to the client for connection.

// Server name
hostname "xxxx"

// Set remote control password
rcon_password "xxxx"

// Disable LAN so that people from the internet can connect as well
sv_lan 0

// Execute the list of banned users and ips to make sure they can't connect
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

// Allow direct connections, not just via the lobby
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

// Let people talk to each other via voice
sv_voiceenable 1

// Everyone talks to each other
sv_alltalk 1

// Enable message of the day
// motd_enabled 0

// Set the region of the server to Europe for the master server list.
// See tting_up_a_Standalone_Dedicated_Server.
sv_region 3

// Clear any Lobby reservations for this server

// Disable Autokick
mp_disable_autokick 1

////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////
////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////

// Set the standard difficulty of the server (easy, medium, hard, impossible)
z_difficulty impossible

// Cheats (sv_cheats defaults to 0, btw)
// needs to be set to 1 for unlimited ammo to work
sv_cheats 1

// Used to provide extra information to clients when they're browsing for servers.
sv_tags Unlimited_ammo, No_survivor_bots

// Disallow Boss spawns
// director_no_bosses 0

// Disallow Survivor bot spawns (Additional challenge for fewer humans)
// director_no_survivor_bots 0

// re-loop the panic event in case the players are silly enough to trigger the car alarm
director_force_panic_event 0

The thing is no one ever connects to my server, I'm not even sure if its being broadcasted to the master server list. As far as I know the ports are forwarded correctly.

Also, another question - When I start a lobby in L4d and I'm the lobby leader, how the hell do you join MY dedicated server because it never works!

Thanks for any help.
What is the console window displaying when you start the server? You may want to post that. Also, type "status" into the console.

Also, you can't connect to a specific server from the lobby. You have to join the server from the server browser. Of course, it's not built into the menu so you'll have to bind a key.

bind f4 openserverbroswer
Thanks for the reply

I think I have figured this out. Don't ask me why but this is the cause

If you add sv_cheats 1 to your server.cfg file and then boot up the server it WONT add the master servers in and WONT broadcast in the list of servers.

If you remove sv_cheats 1 (or set it to 0) it once again add the master servers.

I dont know why this is but its rather annoying.

EDIT - I havn't tried setting cheats to 1 once the server is active I'm not sure if this also stops it from broadcasting.
and also the sv_unreserve command dont work.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
You do know "l4d_full" is the demo server files correct? That would be why no one is connecting since the demo isnt available to play anymore.
This cannot be true because l4d_full server has every single map out and I have had people connect to this last night and play without an issue. (after removing sv_cheats 1 on server start up.

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