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hmm 3 servers on the same ip AND port :S?
hello, well I was settings up the servers and just realised that all of the servers are on the same IP AND PORT, and they still work? is it supposed to work? and does it cause any issues?
if you start 3 servers with the same ip and port, it will detect that port is already being used, and should add 1 to the port number...
so if you try to start 3 servers with port 27015.. the second should use 27016, the third should use 27017

you can verify the port they're using with the status command.
They are on different ports.
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well I know that I have to change the port, but I forgot and it still worked so I was wondering wtf was going on....

but yeh its wierd works still, I changed em incase it causes trouble but it seemed to work good lol

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