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Quick note to all with troubles
Seems everyone has had fun with the latest updates...

I have been trying to get things back as they were for a few nights now and think I am pretty much there. Just for anyone who is interested, here's what I did;

1. Updated pyschostats

Pretty easy, you just register on his website (fair enough, the dude is giving his software away), then run from your psychostats dir.

2. Updated mani admin plugin

There has been a few updated recently, I just grabbed the lastest version and "installed" (in essence I just unzipped...).

3. Updated srcds

It hung my server when it was trying automatically. I came back from work, killed the server (its in my room luckily) and updated manually. Didn't take that long on a 2Mb DSL line. Incidently, I didn't get any maps/cfg/*.cfg, but hey I can manage that...

4. Updated CS:Source

This one came around the same time. I had a de_inferno.bsp in there that must of come from a server where they just couldn't wait for the official one I guess. When I tried to connect to de_inferno, I got kicked, so I just deleted the de_inferno.bsp and all was good.

5. Server tweaks

I did *ALL* sorts of things here, but ended up with the following;

i) all bot stuff goes in bot.cfg
ii) i used ten "wait" commands in server.cfg before "exec bot.cfg". Put them each on their own line (not sure whether this matters, but it can't hurt)
iii) i used a config generator to create a server.cfg file, then did grep bot server.cfg > bot.cfg
iv) and before you think I am a linux wizard, I manually deleted all the bot stuff from server.cfg
v) i used "sv_enableoldqueries 1" in server.cfg to get the server page of psychostats working again
vi) i used -TICKRATE 66 (100 gave too much lag, my spec is pretty low) in my command line, ping is still pants (well it is my home DSL line)

Restarted the server and all is good. Well I have not waited to see how it goes later on tonight, when the automatic restart goes (everyone else gets those dam memory leaks right???), but restarting the server manually now doesn't seem to cause any problems, and there are people able to join through map changes and the bots are staying put.

Well sorry its all a bit basic and not very technical, but I've had a beer and a smoke and everything's working again so I am happy. If anyone needs more help, just send me a message.


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