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L4D Memory Usage
With the new release of the full L4D game, we are having VERY high memory usage. This was first picked up by people complaining about lag across all our servers.....

On our box with 4GB it use to use around 2.5GB for 2 x 32 TF2, 1 x 24 CSS and 1 L4D, all full.

Now with L4D released, we setup another L4D server, and its using 3.5GB - 4GB (maxing out the memory).

Now, you can't tell me thats right?! Is anyone else getting this epic memory usage?
Clan of Doom:

not to sure, as i'm running 12 L4D servers on my dedi, with a quad xeon, 4gb ram, all mostly full, im only using 30% cpu, and 2.4gb ram
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
how do you check the amount of memory being used?
Task manager, Performance on Windows.
Clan of Doom:

yes windows, how about ubuntu?
I don't use Linux, however google ftw:
Clan of Doom:

Thats why i love google

The cmds worked perfect thanks hazz
The memory usage does go up over time, I noticed that since the demo, and even as I post this its using 800m of ram. it used 300 when it first started.
memory leaks..

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