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How many slots (CSS) do you think this can handle.
Hey guys,
I'd like to know how many slots (CSS) this server will be able to handle.
(A Server without hard drive. It uses 10GB of network storage. OS: Debian 4.0)

It needs to handle an Apache2, MySQL, Teamspeak²(250 Slot) and an FTP Server as well.

Are two 12 Slot / 100 tick server possible?

Sry for my English but I'm From Germany xD.

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I've heard bad things about that company when running gameservers...

Just look at the prices, its far too cheap to give you the quality of hardware and network you need to run a gameserver.
Clan of Doom:

I don't know any other companys with prices like OVH.
So I thought that I'll give it a try.
I can cancel the contract after one month
If I do bad experiences, I'll look for something else.

But thanks for the hint. I'll look for other offers as well.

Ping to Germany (It will be a German Server):

And how many slots with 1GB Ram and 2x1,6 GHZ?

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