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Admin Menu for Matches
I was wondering if there is any admin addons for CW servers.
Mani Admin Plugin has too many useless features and I need a simple addons with only these commands.

These are the only features it should have:
-> Player Management
---> Kick
---> Ban
---> Swap to CT
---> Swap to T

-> Match Management
---> Live on 3 (rcon zb_lo3)
---> Knife on 3 (rcon zb_ko3)

-> Map Management
---> Change Map

The reason im looking for a script like this is simple, I am tried of using rcon commands like kick, changelevel and such and it would make everything alot easier to manage.
You can use matchadmin(Made by Preds), it has all those features.

Download link:

Here's the command list:
pa_match (bring up match admin menu)
pa_lo3 (Runs lo3 script)
pa_ko3 (Runs ko3 script)
pa_qs (Starts quickmatch function)
pa_say <Msg> (Admin to All Msg)
pa_asay <Msg> (Admin to All Msg)
pa_csay <Msg> (Admin to All Center White Msg)
pa_rcon <Command> (Rcon Command to be executed)

Say Commands:
@ <Text> (Admin to all chat)
TeamTalk '@' <Text> (Admin to Admin chat)
@@@ <Text> (White center Msg chat)
!match (bring up match admin menu)
!lo3 (Runs live on 3)
!ko3 (Runs knives on 3)
!qs (runs quick start script)
!record <DemoName> (Records custom demo, timestamp also added)
!stoprecord (Stops current demo recording)
!kick <Identifier> (Identifiers available - #ct #t #spec #un)
!ban <Identifier> (Identifiers available - #ct #t #spec #un)
Thats for the link but I ended up making my own using Eventscripts (Still testing it Toungue).
Just notice, you'll need Eventscripts. And if it's for a warserver, then nobody will play on it!(If they notice Eventscripts). They know how much you can abuse it Wink.

And that's funny Big Grin
Alot of good servers run Ace Match which is eventscriptbased.
And noone is gonna abuse in a match lol, they will loose.
Ace Match, is okay. But it uses Eventscripts, which ain't allowed in ANY leagues. In that way, I think Preds is, since you can't abuse with it.

Quote:And noone is gonna abuse in a match lol, they will loose.

Who says that they won't abuse it Rolleyes.

I've even made my own script to cheat in wars, it's funny with invisibility and 9x speed Toungue

Here's the link, if you wanna try it out Toungue
Yea but it needs to be put on the server which it wont be.
Yeah, that's right. Smile.
I ended up making my own C++ plugin containing functions like kick, ban, swap in commands & a chat hook which works much better than a menu ^_^
Wanna share? :-)
Yea once its done and I get it to compile for linux xD.
I need 1 more function (@tag, @untag) and then linux compile.

It will have an option to count like Ace Match hehe.
Og skal da nok oversætte til dansk på et tidspunkt.
Hehe, okay. I can do a little C++ too. :/

Hmm, dansk Big Grin Giv mig det der skal oversættes, så skal jeg nok oversætte. Elsker at oversætte Smile
Hehe maybe when I actually make a langlib.
Men du må da gerne hjælpe med mit linux compile problem. (
Kan ikke engang få den til virke på Windows.(Har Vista) - Så gider ikke og bruge tid på at lære det, når jeg aldrig kan prøve det Sad
Okay hehe Toungue

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