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Big DServer Error help needed
Ok I run a CS:Source Dedicated server. recently after the new steam update, in my servers console window it says (couldn't establish connection to steam server)and it does not add the bots that are in my server.cfg. along with that, after i manually put the bots in, I change the map and it does not allow the client do download the next map in rotation, it just sits. also I am getting errors that say bad challenge 28.334.232.18 or no challenge In the console window.

Any help given is very much appreciated!!!!

I am very frustrated with this since I have reinstalled everything from scratch and I kno its not my pc. Steam needs to throughly beta test their updates before making them public to avoid situations like this one at hand. I mean its bad enough they don't have a tech support line, just a recording of the scientist from HL telling us there is no tech line, WTF is steam doing with the money from the sales? I mean come on, alot of us went out and bought HL2 in repsect to show valve that we cared and we love their game. S**t some of us even went as far as to help valve catch the people that hacked their network and exploited their source code, So come on valve give us some support here don't you think we deserve it?

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Please Help Me !!! Im up for any suggestions positive or negative please do reply!
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not even an hour after you posted you post again, rant over?

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well thanx to steam forums I have gotten my problem fixed. the fix is sv_enableoldqueries 1 and remove the bot_add cvar from your bot.cfg or server.cfg file. Also I had no Idea most companies don't provide phone tech support but Stealth could you explain why there is no phone support for customers having problems with their games that they payed money for? do you have an aswer for that? as I saw you posted no answer just replied with "companies dont give phone tech support for free distributions of dedicated server programs" what was the point of your post? to tell me about the whole free DS thing?

anyways thanx
Also just for the negative poster's,

I have heard that sv_enableoldqueries 1 could lead to DOS attacks. this fix is not permanent its temporary until Steam fixes their bot problems. Since I have applied this to my server I have not had any problems. And for the guys who believe the sv_enableoldqueries 1 leads to DOS attacks, keep in mind that the error i was getting before this fix was sort of a DOS attack towards my server. If you do recieve any DOSing, Besure to check your firewall settings to make sure you are not getting DOSed because of holes in your security. AMP_P4X

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