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a couple questions hlds/l4d
hello, I have a couple questions about some of the values of the server commands that are in the servers .cfg file as well as adding commands to the executable for the server. okay to begin last night I ran the hldsupdate tool for left4dead when it was completed I created the shortcut for the executable and added these commands to it "E:\l4d_demo\srcds.exe -game left4dead +ip -port 27015 -maxplayers 8 -fps_max 300 -tickrate 100 -sv_forcepreload 1 -sv_lan 0".
( I have the force preload there so that it will cache the next map, now I am not sure if it may be causing some lag problems). ever since I added the "sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0" I cannot enter the server from the client side by using "connect 97.XXX.XX..95:27015" from the client console. I get the messege that the server is reserved for the lobby. also I cannot find the server in the master server list when I invoke "openserverbrowser" from the client console. it shows up on the lan side not the available servers. and finally, I am using the gui interface in windows this is the log from the server start , I dont know why it is returning these values.oh and the last thing is RCON is not working I have the password stored on the server start as well as in the configuration file.
thank you so much for any advive
okay, so after digging a little deeper it appears that you cannot accept both console/browser clients and matchmaking clients. well there,s less than a week left till the full launch. i,m not crossong any fingers.
I,ve already got about twenty pissed off clan members who dont understand why they cant just join from the friends option when I have it set to accept incoming browser clients. oh and let me jump right on that suggestion from eric to sell them a reserved slot for a agme they just paid 50 bucks for.
for my server that runs on linux it can accept both console clients and matchmaking ones too. with the msg that pops up about reserved i kind of kick the people on the server so me and my friends can play and works good Big Grin

and sv_unreserve never works *sigh*
How would I set reserved slot's in l4d. Could someone help with this plz.
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

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