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CS:S server with multiple WAN ips?

my first post here!

I currently have a 3mb/300k connnection, barly enougth for 10 people. However my cable company is doing a cheap deal on extra modems. I could have 2-3 modems at 3mb/300kb set up fairly cheaply.

each modem would have its own unique (occationally dynamic) ip address.

i would like to link them together, so i could make a 20 man server!

is this even possible? would i need some kind of web server to direct users to the correct ips?
You cannot link the modems together for a speed boost, since each would be routing to a different IP.

You could have 2x 10 player servers on one machine bound to different IP's but you cannot have 1x 20 slot server using more than one modems speed.

I have no idea if this would be possible through routing but i doubt it since all traffic would be sent through one IP and thus one modem. Gaming Servers
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my idea was:

modem 1 is the main routing modem.

all my users connect to this modem

users 1-10 are sent to modem 2
users 11-20 are sent to modem 3

i know web servers often has this kind of setup.

does it work for cs:S

seems possible, but does css support this? Smile
h3x Wrote:modem 1 is the main routing modem.
You can stop thinking there. If that modem only has enough capacity for 10 people, no matter how many modems you have behind it, the capacity will still be 10 people.
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well the basic idea is modem 1 gives my server 1 central point to connect 2.

modem 1 does not handle game traffic, modem 1 just distributed my users onto the other modems, ie like a web redirect.

the css server would have to handle users being redirected to multiple ips on the same machine.

not sure if it would manage that.

take my crappy paint drawing

server 1 redirects users to modem 2 of the 3 collective ips of the server
when 8 or more join server server 1 redirects people to modem 3 on my server, same for modem 4.

when a user disconnects from my server, the game server tells my redirect server via lan there is a slot free.

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What you are talking about doing is Called Layer 4 Load balancing. You can not do that with a modem or a server, you need a high end Switch or a Content Switch because you are dealing with TCP/UDP IP Based Traffic. This is different from Web Based Redirect which can be handled by the WebServer based on how you configure it. The Web Server is just redirecting you to a different pagem, which you have set for your second server. You have a nice Idea but without that Switch with Layer 4 Software on it, you won't be able to do what you want to do.
It might be possible to do this using iptables (linux) in some manner, though am not sure. (This being a cheap solution, load balancing routers are $$)
You'll need 1 computer (unix) with all the internet connections. set iptable rules to postroute traffic from 1 outgoing ip/port to the internal port.

I do this in a similar manner to run 3 extra CS servers on my system, only for the master server list. IPTables redirects the listed information to my primary CS server. Ultimately listing my CS server 4x more than usual (allows me to use multiple sv_regeons Wink)))
I'd like to know this, how much a month would it be if you had 3 modems all together?
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I'm just wondering, isn't it possible to put a 10 connection limit on each modem (not the game server), so if 10 people are already using one modem, the 11th will just time out, unless he connects to the other modems. So, in a server browser, you will just see two servers with the same name, same players but with diffirent IP's? So it's up to the user to choose a server.
i would like to know also which company is offering this service and how much. it sounds like NTL to me as the specs are the same 3meg/300k you can do what he is asking but in a different way but that would mean a cable hack and it is NOT advisable to do that even if you can get the same upload as download by doing it! i know of no way to connect them together although a good idea but is it really worth paying extra (depending on how much) to goto 800k up as you never get the full 300k up on NTL anyways.
i run a lagfree good ping 10 man server with a few tweaks in the server.cfg. i am going to try a 12 man 2nite as the 10man runs perfect
ok well lets put it this way 3meg/300k is the best NTL do right now (how ever much u "pay") .*cough* MD5 encrypted *.cm files *cough fart splutter*

but there is no reason why i could not have several modems rigged up with this connection (this is the wrong forum to ask me why).

some good ideas so far.. so i would need some kinda linux box?

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