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games list?
ok i just got srcds installed on CentOS 5.2, and i wanted to know if there is a list of games i can install, i wasnt to install all the HL2 games so i can run a synergy server.... is there a way to just install the orange box or something? tia
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No there isnt.
You can download Synergy with the Steam Tool but not Hl2 / Ep1 / Ep2

You have to upload them manually to your Server

Use this link it will tell you wich files you need:
yea i knew the basic ones that are in there, i guess i forgot to put... i wanted the EP1 and EP2 content
see my post ;P

or if you dont wanne upload all this stuff get wine running and download them with your steam account ;D
yea... thanks.. im extracting everything now, just 1 queston... what do i do after i extract them... do i just add it to the hl folder in synergy? and what do i do with the ep1/2 files?
it goes to the orangebox dir

so it will look like that
ok cool... one last thing...

i had problems running it before i was getting this

[hl2ds@server-linux srcds]$ ./srcds_run -console -game synergy -ip -maxplayers 2 +map d1_trainstation_01 -insecure -port 27015 -autoupdate
Invalid game type 'synergy' sepecified.
Mon Nov 10 21:12:03 EST 2008: Server Failed

synergy mod is on the server
[hl2ds@server-linux srcds]$ cd orangebox
[hl2ds@server-linux orangebox]$ dir
bin  garrysmod  hl2  reslists  srcds_i486  srcds_run  srcds_run~  synergy tf
[hl2ds@server-linux orangebox]$

i tried running it as -game orangebox/synergy

and it just shows me the list of games that can be installed.
synergy shouldn't use orange box...
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Mooga Wrote:synergy shouldn't use orange box...

it should...
Few weeks ago some mods (including synergy) where included in the OB

You need to start it from your OB dir aswell

[hl2ds@server-linux srcds]$ cd orangebox
[hl2ds@server-linux orangebox]$ dir
bin garrysmod hl2 reslists srcds_i486 srcds_run srcds_run~ synergy tf
[hl2ds@server-linux orangebox]$ ./srcds_run -console -game synergy -ip -maxplayers 2 +map d1_trainstation_01 -insecure -port 27015 -autoupdate

That should work ;D

and btw you need to edit the mount.cache file in orangebox\synergy\
you need to have "hl2 ep1 ep2" in there
or just "hl2" if you dont want to play ep1 / ep2

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