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[garrysmod] no weapons or tools
I have it to load up nicely and the map works fine. But once in it, you cannot move around unless in noclip, and there are no weapons or tools. You can bring up the tools menu, but there are NO tools under any of the tabs. And you don't have a phys gun or grav gun or anything. I look in the Console in the srcds and it says 'gamemodeerror(think):noGamemode!' but there is a gamemode assigned! It's sandbox. I have a server.cfg file but I don't really know where to put it. And I also typed 'sv_gamemode sandbox' in the console but still didn't work.

Here is my server.cfg:
"hostname" "<ENG> Construction Site"
"sv_defaultgamemode" "sandbox"
"sv_lan" "0"
"maxplayers" "20"
"sbox_allownpcs" "0"
"sbox_maxprops" "175"
"sbox_maxragdolls" "0"
"sbox_maxnpcs" "1"
"sbox_maxballoons" "10"
"sbox_maxeffects" "1"
"sbox_maxdynamite" "2"
"sbox_maxlamps" "5"
"sbox_maxthrusters" "25"
"sbox_maxwheels" "20"
"sbox_godmode" "0"
"sbox_plpldamage" "0"
"sbox_playergod" "0"
"sbox_noclip" "1"
"sbox_maxhoverballs" "25"
"sbox_maxvehicles" "1"
"sbox_maxbuttons" "15"
"rcon_password" "xxx"

I replaced the rcon_password with xxx in here so you don't know it. It is 3 numbers.

Also, where do I place it? I don't really know.

Help will be greatly appreciated.

please guys need help

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